What is a cookie?

A cookie is a piece of information that a website requires to save in your system for a perfect representation of their service. Through this software code, the website remembers your preference and behaviour, so that you get an ideal presentation the next time you visit the site.

When you give access to the cookie, a small text file will be stored in your computer or mobile. Later the website server will retrieve information from specific cookies and do its work. The cookies make navigating through websites easy, as the preferences are pre-stored. Through this, you will observe an improved experience.

Why do we use cookies?

SAINO PENS will be using the cookies to understand how you interact with the website and improve your experience accordingly. For instance, cookies will be taking data about your language preference or location and use them effectively. The process will ensure that you don’t have to enter some information, again and again, providing a smooth experience. We will also be using the cookies feed to filter ads and present to you the suitable ones grabbing your attention.

Rejecting, blocking or deleting cookies

You can choose not to agree to cookies and block all further acceptance messages. You are free to browse through the website without allowing cookies to store information. You can change preference as well by changing browser settings. You can even delete or reject cookies permission.