Your privacy is utmost important to us

SAINO PENS understand the privacy, safety and security of the users, customers, distributors, wholesalers etc. concerning products and services. We abide by all the data protection rules and regulation directed by the authorities. All in all, the privacy policy states the reasons why we need some information and how we process personal data.

This section tells the user how we gather, process, share, transfer, hold and protect the personal data. When we gain access to your personal data, either directly or through other sources, we will make sure that it is retained and secured.

Our privacy policy is not relevant to third-party applications, other sites and products. Once you click on any social media links in our website, you will be redirected to the specific website where you will be entering their privacy policy and require separate login credentials. Clicking those sites will make you leave our website and your details can be stored by third-party applications. Be aware! We don’t endorse any third party websites or their safety practices that are not similar to our privacy policy. Have a look through their privacy statement and act accordingly.

We ask for personal details when you opt for a transaction, register to log in, fill up the enquiry form etc. You may be asked to provide information like your name, surname, address, phone number, email address, credit/debit card information and business information. You may also be providing us with the device location, IP address, data usage and supplier account.